7 Dumb Questions That Cost You Sales

When you’re going to a retail shop and the salesperson walks up to you and says: “how can I help you?” And you say: ” No I’m just browsing”.
Even though maybe you’re going in there looking to buy something, but your immediate reaction is no because you don’t want to be sold.

Most sales professionals keep using those lines, knowing it will automatically trigger the response of “no, I’m just browsing”. They keep asking: “how can I help you?” and the response is always “No, I don’t want any help, I’m just browsing.” They’re getting rejected again and again and they don’t even know why.

Here are some of these questions. I want you to ask yourself, are you using these questions? and you don’t even know that’s costing you money.

1. Do You Have A Minute

Why do you just want a minute? You would not be able to make that sale in one minute. It’s a dumb thing to ask. It says to the prospect that your time is not valuable.
What you have to say is not that valuable to them. You’re going to need more than one minute. You are lying in front of your prospect. It destroys all your credibility.
You could say instead, “is this a good time to talk?” It’s better than “do you have minute is”. It’s even better than, “am I catching you at a bad time?” You’re setting yourself up for failure, you can call and say, “is it a good time to talk?” And then you can proceed.

2. How Could You Not Want This Deal?

If you ask this question “How could you not want this deal?” they will simply say: “I don’t want the deal.” You can not push or shove your product down your prospect’s throat.
You got to make your prospect come to their own conclusions. When you say something, it means something, but when your prospect says something, it means everything.
So if you are asking that question, it means that you have not properly qualified your prospects up front, and you have not discovered what his or her needs are.

3. Would You Like Some Time To Think About It?

If you say: “Would you like some time to think about it?” Delay kills sales. It tells your prospect that they need some time to think about the product.
Sometimes, you have to push the prospects. You have to lead them to the right decision. As a sales professional, you got to lead them to the conclusion where they are ready to spend money to solve their problems.

4. Would You Like A proposal Or A Quote?

Another stupid question is “would like a proposal or a quote?” The problem with giving your prospect a quote is that you’re playing the chase game.
You’re chasing a prospect. You just close the sale without any quote or a proposal. You close the deal on the phone, you get the commitment first, and you just sign the deal.

5. Who Is The Best Salesperson That Ever Called You?

Another dumb question is “who is the best salesperson that ever called you?” You just trying to say “I’m the best sales guy who’s ever called you.” Nobody cares. They care about solving their problems. Can you help me solve my problem? Can you help me remove the pain that I’m experiencing right now?
Nobody cares if you’re the Academy Award salesperson. Don’t ask that question, it doesn’t tell you anything about your prospect, it’s nothing more than an ego-driven question.

6. Can I Send You An email?

If you can not close the sale on the phone or you’re in front of the prospect, what makes you think you’re going to close that sale in an email? Have the confidence and just close the sale on the phone.
Send them an email with a payment link, an agreement, or with the wire transfer information. Don’t count and rely on an email to sell, count on your ability, charisma and your skill to close that sale.

7. Are You Looking To Buy Today?

People hate to be sold, but they love to buy. Don’t ask them questions like “do you wanna buy today?” “Why don’t you buy today?” It triggers a negative response. when you say that, the prospect feels that you’re close them. It doesn’t make them feel good about a purchase.
Instead of asking that, “would you like to buy today”, ask them this question: “where should we go from here? And they will say: “let’s do it, or let’s move forward, or let’s get this done.”

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