7 Jobs That Will Be Replaced With AI Within The Next 20 Years

According to a professor at Oxford University, 47% of total U.S employment is in the high-risk category. Many associate occupations are potentially automatable.
A lot of those jobs will be replaced. And according to McKinsey Global Institute, between 400 and 800 million people will have to find new jobs by 2030.
Are your jobs at risk? Or maybe the jobs that are you studying for if you’re going to college. Are those jobs still going to be around by the time you graduate?

Here some of the jobs that will disappear:

1. Construction Workers

Construction has always been a very dangerous industry where people get hurt. A lot of times construction workers are putting their lives at stake constructing a building,
It’s always a very high-risk category. Now with technologies and with AI, a lot of those jobs will be replaced by robots because it’s a very repetitive task.
Not only robots are more precise, but at the same time you would also speed up a lot of construction projects. Before it required so many people to construct a project but now it requires fewer and fewer people because the AI can do the same project at a faster pace.

2. Drivers

Self-driving cars are already the way of the future. Elon Musk is leading the pack. Self-driving features are already available on certain cars but they will also be commercialized very soon. Some jobs like taxi drivers, truck drivers, Uber drivers, lift drivers are in the risk be replaced by AI.

3. Fast Food Workers

The fast food industry is always about lowering expenses and cutting costs. Some of these fast food restaurants are installing the kiosk where you do a self check-out to order the food, and then you just pick it up. In the past, a fast food restaurant, a franchise would have so many stations, but now they’re cutting it back. They require fewer cashiers and you are ordering on your own.

The fast-food industry is training the consumers how to order on their own very quickly from their app directly. They do not have to wait in line. Even at Starbucks you can order and just go pick it up.

A lot of chefs and workers in the kitchen are going to be replaced by AI. The robots are more precise when it comes to cooking, which is very very important to the fast food industry. Also, there’s no union. Robots don’t complain, and more importantly, they can run 24/7, which is more profit for the corporations.
For example, a franchise who used to take 20 people to run, it can produce more profit, revenue, and consistency with only two or three people and Robots.

4. Farmers

Farmers are being replaced by artificially intelligent robots for milking cows and pulling out lettuce. A family-owned dairy farm in Germany is one of the very first field farms that actually installed a voluntary milking system that allows the cows to walk into the machines and milk them at the cow’s leisure.
And according to Morton Farmer, more than one million of the US farm hands jobs will be replaced by intelligent machines to do everything from weed cabbage patches to picking apples.

5. Accounting And Bookkeeping

This has been around a long time, companies and entrepreneurs use certain accounting software to run their business, to count their numbers, and to create financial statements. There is a different level of automation. Even in Japan a lot of the high-level workers are being replaced by computers because it’s less human error and it’s done so much faster. Bookkeepers, accountants will be replaced by AI.

6. Waiters And Waitress

It’s quite common in Japan to have these self-serving sushi bars. With only a handful of people, they can run a pretty massive restaurant.
You sit down in the restaurant and you order from your iPad directly. You don’t call a waiter or waitress to order food. Your order goes directly to the kitchen.
They have a conveyor belt that sends directly the sushi to you, you take out the plate and it goes back to the kitchen and they wash the dishes.
When you finish your food, a waiter or waitress comes in to scan how many plates you have eaten at what price points, then you pay the price.

A lot of the waiters and waitress are counting on making money from tips to pay the bills. With robots, there are no tips. The restaurant would invest a one-time investment and a bit of maintenance. That’s all they have to do.

7. Delivery

Amazon has invested a huge amount of money developing drones to deliver packages. People are conditioned to have fast delivery. They want now to get the package in a few days.
They have this expectation. Consumers are more demanding than ever. They want it and they want it now. A lot of the delivery jobs will be replaced. Jobs like pizza delivery, package delivery will be replaced by AI. Those industries focus on inefficiency and being able to deliver packages of different items faster with less money.

A lot of those jobs will be replaced because of workers issues and union issues. They are low-income jobs and commodities, it’s very easy to find someone to do those jobs. You could train someone to flipping burgers in a very short period of time.

If your skillsets that you bring to the marketplace are a lower value or a commodity, then it’s very easy to be replaced by AI. On the other hand, if you have a high-income skill, that delivers a lot of value to a company, they are always willing to pay you to generate more revenue and bring in more customers for them. That is a very valuable skill that makes a lot of money and also will not be replaced by AI.

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