What is the easiest Forex strategy to implement

What is the easiest Forex strategy to implement? I’m going to go over the four types of Forex strategies and show you which one I think is the easiest for new traders to get started with.

When you are starting off in the forex business. Hopefully, you have some really good solid knowledge to basically understand exactly how markets work, how they function who are the larger market participants certain facets of you know volatility expected moves you know all the different like knowledge.

The actual dictionary knowledge that needs to learn and effects because once you have that you can start creating environments and start defining edges.

An edge is an advantage that you have over the forex market. There are certain ways that you can get in the market and get exposure to again a
potential price move and certain ways are easier than others. If you’re starting off in the FX business.

It’s going to be important for you to define exactly what type of trader you are and to understand that. Do I need to understand the type of trailer I am I need to make sure it fits in with my personality? conducive to my current experience level.

I’m about to break down so you guys the four types of trading strategies. I’m gonna give you guys the last one is going to be the one that I think you guys should be implementing alright but to do that what we’re gonna have to do is we have to head over to the whiteboard because it’s a lot of drawing and stuff like that alright so guys come following the right

Pullback Forex Strategy

The first type of strategy is the pullback. I am going be basing the easiness off of these strategies. In terms of how they rank, based off with the average winning percentage. When percentages differ depending on the strategies. Let’s say you’re in a trending market and you’re looking to catch a pullback or retraced it in the up in the ascending trend right or descending trend.

Your job as a pullback trader right is to be able to calculate. When markets will be at a discount and how much of a discount. Usually, you’re going to
have certain indications as to where you’re going to catch the sales side move. Maybe you say to yourself alright usually around a 30 percent
retracement, that’s when I start to take markets back to the upside.

Maybe you’re looking at it in regards to structure. If markets hit back off on a previous structure that’s when I’ll start to look for a move to the upside. It just depends on what your key indications are. It’s going to be your job to calculate this point. The reason why I think this is one of the hardest strategies and why most people see it’s one of the other strategies.

If markets end up popping off and sell I mean selling back down sell side and stopping before that price area then you don’t have an entry. Let’s say markets end up getting to your price area. You start to you know to get yours get some sizing in that price area but then markets can break down the south side and continue in the direction that you are
assuming that they were going to go in.

You can miss the trade entirely or you can be a little bit. Early as to when you think markets are technically coined at a discount all right and so this part right here is really the reason why we see most traders fail.

Because they’re having a hard time calculating the other end of forex trade. Usually, they’ll potentially have their stops to type so when they come into this price area. They’ll just be a little bit of volatility that whips them out and then markets just start heading back in their general direction.

Counter Trend Forex Trading Strategy

Another type of strategy that again has a lower winning percentage is a counter-trend strategy. We do use this strategy really heavily in our community.
we have somewhat mastered we have a very simple way of kind of getting in on. Let’s say we’re in that trending move right markets are trading to the upside tricking to the upside. Maybe in a momentous fashion, you’re not getting a lot of very sizeable pullbacks.

Your job as a mean reversion trader or a counter-trend trader is to calculate when that high is going to actually happen. Think about all the times where you can have situations where you’re faked out.

You have some guys that are trying to catch the high here you have other guys that are trying to catch the high here. There are many many situations where you could potentially continue to be wrong. Because you’re looking for that overall general corrective move back down into the structure.

It’s another scenario where you have a pretty large risk-reward ratio. Because you’re looking for an entire correction but it’s going to be hard to catch that high.

Every time you don’t pop you got markets bringing you out. This is why this is another not complex or complicated trading strategy. Just again based off of the way it functions and based off of the way you’re defining your edge and getting into the move. You will have a lower winning percentage.

You know great at different types of forex strategies to give you a better idea as to how you need to be executing in it. We’re countering traders as well but we’re also the last type of trading strategy that I’m going to discuss with you guys which again is the most important one that you guys need to understand if you’re new.

Range-bound Trading Strategy

This one is pretty simple actually. That’s why it’s the next to the last one because right before the last type of forex strategy that I’m going to tell you guys about market trading strategies consolidation based.

Trading strategies are pretty simple as well because what you’re simply doing is picking tops and bottoms. You have to define a range. For example, I was trading on the Japanese yen back in 2013 and it was in this ridiculously tight range.

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